What does Oacian mean? Basic Rules and Characteristics

What does Oacian mean? Basic Rules and Characteristics

Oacian are aquatic creatures having the ability to travel on land and in the amphibian domain. They stick to things rigidly and seriously. When they are not walking on land like any other Valk or Dex, they are swimming with their tails. Oacians require access to water to avoid drying out and maintain some degree of agreeability. They can’t go without water for too long, or their skin will probably start to dry up.

They usually feel chilly and damp to the touch. Some creatures have scales in specific places on their bodies, but in reality, they have skin tones similar to how humans would. Their skin will take on cold concealers in shades ranging from faint light blue to dreary dark purple and ocean green. Oacian can be found in other vast rivers in addition to their area of the sea.

The foundation depth of the water in these natural surroundings should be 100 feet. Crythpool, their capital city, is primarily situated in a sizable area on the ocean floor; however, some of it is located at both higher and lower depths of the water. On a small island close to the shore, there is a land-faring exchange entrance.

Who is essentially in charge in Oceania?

Oacians are hardworking, serious sticklers. To put it mildly, Even though they adore their queen, “Merlina Lympha de Saevus,” she maintains ironclad authority. She has made a comment that willfully isolates her family from the rest of the world because she has a query in the other four realms.

Her kin is taught to disregard such rules because the only  In any case, the Oacian people regard her as their one true brilliant example. a person who cares about them is their one true ruler, despite the political actions of many realms considering her to be a despot. In any case, the Oacian people regard her as their one true brilliant example. As a result, people act the same way she does because that is the customary way to act.

They put little value in other races’ endurance and have a tough approach to working with them. They have self-images and are incredibly vain, exactly like their ruler. They are so big that they are no longer constrained by the area of weakness they live in. They are deceptive and only aim to raise their level of personal growth, regardless of the situation.

In any case, their love for their country endures, their loyalty is unwavering, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Others may seek to abandon their social structures and set out on their own. The Oacians locate their allies both individually and collectively.

They adhere to Oacian culture all over the oceans.

  • Oacians surround themselves with marine life and fish, but on the other side, that is sort of who they are. Oacians have always been the representation of mermaids and a type of fish in my works.
  • A jackass wouldn’t eat a pony, would they? Anyway, shellfish aren’t technically included in that category. Therefore, I mostly kept the Oacian range vegan, adding some lobster and crab for protein. Oacians are inherently meticulous.
  • This suggests that everything, from the layout of their cities to the organization of their personal space, must be flawless. Oacians value orderly environments just like Valkirians do. Scales are well-washed, and waterlogged hair is brushed out.
  • For the most part, cleaning balances is a daily task for an Oacian. Additionally, food should be cleaned properly. It is a grave insult to serve someone dirty food.
  • Oacians completely despise becoming sick and being sick because their population is so self-reliant. The Oacian people are depicted as a drop, which alludes to their predicament as the next race and to the elements of water.
  • Their flag is decorated with a drawing of a lotus blossom connected to a scallop shell. A water-faring bloom contained an animal typical of Oacian metropolitan places, as well as similar states of their picture.
  • Despite having very fish-like life systems, Oacians do spend some time on the surface. Oacians are permitted to spend a good deal of time in the sun and stretch their legs in designated above-water bays.

Oacian characteristics

In any case, leaving these inlets and permitted locations or attempting to exit the Oacian urban districts without permission will result in a lifelong ban or occasionally a full-scale search and recovery operation. In general, different realms won’t accept an Oacian pariah to avoid a political conflict. The number of different species that call the water home is unknown.

A few oceanographers acknowledge that the number of species is decreasing as a result of the various marine ecosystems suffering rising ocean temperatures, contamination, and other problems. In any event, oceanographers may have many reasons to be positively amazed in the years to come. It’s possible that more than 90% of the species in the ocean have yet to be discovered; other experts estimate that the number is somewhere in the middle. a few hundred and another two to three million to be discovered. Approximately 226,000 marine species are currently known to scientists.

Marcello Calisti, a National Geographic Explorer, is passionate about learning about the ocean floor and the rest of the sea. He is a bio robotics expert developing an underwater research vessel that uses “legged velocity,” inspired by Chowan octopus travels underwater. His long-term goal is to design robots that can explore depths that are difficult for humans to access.


Accordingly, the sea has a considerable impact on the climate, temperature, and availability of food for humans and other life forms. The sea is kept secret despite its vastness and impact on every type of life on Earth. More than 80% of the sea has never been explored, planned, or even seen by humans. The moon and Mars’ surfaces have been prepared and given much more thought than the depths of our oceans. The page contains information about the Oacian, which is what this is all about.

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